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Veterinary Behavior Specialties of Minnesota

Enhancing Bonds Between Owner and Animal Companion

At Veterinary Behavior Specialties of Minnesota, we are dedicated to finding solutions to behavior problems in companion animals, while improving the bond between owners and their animal companions. We will work with you to seek workable outcomes based on science, a respect for the complex nature of living creatures, and a genuine desire to help improve the quality of the lives shared by pets and their owners.

Behavioral Problems We Address in Dogs & Cats

•    Aggression toward humans or other animals

•    Separation anxiety

•    Destructive tendencies

•    Excessive barking

•    House soiling

•    Additional anxiety issues, such as:

•    Phobias/fears

•    Compulsive disorders

Our Process

We evaluate each patient based on our knowledge of species-typical behaviors, each animal's health, stage of development, plus past and current environments and interactions.

Our treatment recommendations are creative and vary with each owner’s definition of “success.” And, importantly, we emphasize humane treatment based on understanding the science of learning—not on punishment.

We are here to help. 

Not every behavioral problem is fixable. But we absolutely believe that a little bit of focused effort can go a long way in improving your life and your pet’s life.  You can contact us online or you can reach us via phone at 612.554.1182 or 320.292.6608.