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Success Stories

“When I walked into your clinic in August, I really thought I may have to put Maggie down because of her aggressive behavior. You have no idea how much you’ve changed our lives and outlook. I now understand her a lot better and accept she’ll never be a “normal” dog. And, that’s OK. We’ve been able to modify her behavior somewhat and the anxiety medications have made a huge difference. THANK YOU for what you’ve done to help us!”

“It’s hard to believe that we came and saw you for the first time a year ago. I remember the feeling of complete and utter exhaustion, not to mention the anxiety I felt by having a dog that was growing more stressed and anxious himself in addition to a small child that was going to start moving soon. Desperation would be understatement. Chico’s courage to trust me and continue to work through stressful situations truly amazes and inspires me. Chico’s fate without medication was likely not a happy one, however, today he is in a place where we closely manage and train him. The best part is his continued many successes, and that’s thanks to you!

Thank you for all the help and support you have given us with Chico over the past year. It’s truly a blessing to have your nonjudgmental, understanding and support. We truly appreciate it.”

“The end result was nothing short of miraculous.My jumpy, restless dog was now taking naps and sleeping through the night – something I’d never seen before! She no longer alerted to small noises around the house. And she stopped lunging at people and dogs. We began taking obedience classes, and eventually went on to successfully compete in rally obedience, becoming nationally ranked and earning a championship title!

I will always be grateful to Dr. Duxbury for all she has done for Maisy and I.”

“Fritz was a 7 year old rat terrier with severe anxiety issues. He would hide whenever guests came over, refuse to interact with other dogs at the dog park, shake all of the time, and was urinating in our house. We met with Dr. Bryant and started medications and it literally changed his life and our life. After working with Dr. Bryant Fritz is now a confident, outgoing, and happy dog. He eagerly greets visitors at our house, loves going to the dog park and playing and running with other dogs, and his shaking and urinating in the house are very minimal.”