To Our Valued Clients and Your Pets,

As more information is becoming available regarding COVID-19, we are making adjustments to prioritize the health of our clients, team members, and their families.

As of Monday March 23, 2020 we will have moved to an all-virtual/online appointment structure so that no one is required to leave home to receive or deliver care. We have online options that make this very easy and effective with video observations of your pet and communication with you remaining in the comfort of your home! Our office location, at 10029 Minnetonka Boulevard, will be temporarily closed to prevent community spread of human coronavirus. To be clear, our practice is not closed, we are simply operating differently to continue help for you and your pet as safely and efficiently as possible during this unusual time.

Our team members have transitioned to working from their homes. Please don’t hesitate to contact us with questions or concerns. We will continue to serve you to the best of our abilities. Our primary form of communication at this time will be via email or through our website as we will have limited access to our office phone. Messages left by phone (612-554-1182) will be checked frequently, and responded to, between 9 AM and 5 PM, Monday through Friday. Current clients may email their behavior therapy technician/trainer at their individual email addresses.

We look forward to the day we can re-open our office for in-clinic appointments and prescription pick-ups! We will continue to assess when this will be possible based on the current status of the pandemic.


We recognize that our in-clinic pharmacy may be the most economical source for your pet’s prescriptions, but we will NOT be filling prescriptions from our office during this temporary closure.

We are happy to call prescriptions into your local pharmacy, however, our online pharmacy Covetrus is a great alternative. Medications will come straight to your door with no charge for shipping – keeping you safe at home instead of waiting in line with people who are potentially ill.

Refill Requests:
• No matter where you want your prescription filled, you can request it on our website:
• Email us at
• For more information on Covetrus go to


We know that waiting for your appointment can be difficult when you are dealing with your pet’s behavior problem every day. With this in mind, we offer the following options.

Option 1: We will conduct your appointment at the regularly scheduled time via virtual technology. State law requires us to physically see patients in order to diagnose and to prescribe medications if indicated. We are waiting for a decision from the MN State Board of Veterinary Medicine that could temporarily adjust these regulations. Until such time that the Board approves diagnosis and prescribing privileges for online consulting, the virtual appointment will focus on the other important aspects of your pet’s treatment plan, including an initial online meeting with your pet’s Veterinary Behaviorist and Behavior Therapist, and a second online appointment with your Behavior Therapist. Your appointment would then also include a brief in-clinic behavior exam when it is safer to move about the community allowing a formal diagnosis and any indicated prescriptions.

Option 2: You can delay your full appointment, but meet with your pet’s Behavior Therapist via virtual technology to establish a Safety and Management Plan for you to implement until we are able to resume normal scheduling. There will no additional fee for this virtual meeting of up to 30 minutes.

Option 3: Delay your appointment until we can perform it in full as originally scheduled. We have started a waiting list for people who wish to postpone their entire appointment. Our current waiting time is approximately two months.

We have offered virtual recheck appointments for some time, and they work very well. We encourage you to keep your appointment with us – via virtual technology. We will reach out to pre-arrange this with you when we near your scheduled appointment time.

By law, we must physically see your pet at least yearly in order to prescribe for them. This is true for all veterinary practices. We are waiting for word from the Minnesota Board of Veterinary Medicine about potential pandemic related alternatives. Until we have a ruling from the Board, we will also conduct annual rechecks via virtual technology. It is possible that this will need to be followed up with a very brief in-clinic appointment as soon as it is safe to go out in the community.

As challenging as these times are, this can be a great opportunity for you and your pet to work towards your goals! Whether those goals be relationship building, decreasing anxiety or aggression, improving manners, cooperative care, fun training and games, or anything else – we are here to help!

We have offered virtual behavior therapy appointments for some time, and they work very well. We encourage you to keep your appointment with us – via virtual technology. We will reach out to pre-arrange this with you when we near your scheduled appointment time.

In efforts to streamline the scheduling process for you, you can directly schedule your pet’s appointment(s) by clicking this link and selecting an appointment time with: Behavior Therapy Appointment Schedule. Our Behavior Therapists are working hard to update this schedule, and will continue to add appointment time options as they are able. You will receive an appointment confirmation within 24 hours of scheduling that will include a link to our Zoom meeting. If you have NOT received a confirmation email, please email us at to ensure the appointment booking went through. PLEASE NOTE: To utilize this scheduling option, you must have access to a Gmail account. If you do not have access, please email to schedule.

Our Behavior Therapists have adjusted their availability based on their personal situations. If your Behavior Therapist is not available at the time you need you are welcome to schedule with any of our other available team members.

Most of all stay safe! These area unique and challenging times. Let’s hold each other up even when we are frustrated or anxious and forgive each other for being less than perfect. Be in touch!

Your pet’s team,
Drs. Duxbury and Bryant
Pam, Lora, Bri, Sarah, and Jenn