At VBSMN, we take a TEAM approach to patient care. Your pet’s team consists of you (you know your pet the best), your pet’s doctor (a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Medicine or experienced Resident Veterinarian working toward earning that credential) and your behavior therapy team member, who will help you implement your pet’s treatment plan.

Beginning March 2020, to keep everyone as healthy and safe as possible, we held appointments exclusively as virtual appointments, coupled with a separately scheduled brief, distanced, visual exam on-site at our office location in Minnetonka, MN. Face masks were required. Although risk of contracting COVID still exists, but with significantly reduced prevalence, we now offer that same 2-appointment format for initial diagnostic appointments, as well as the option of conducting diagnostic appointments as a single appointment in our office building. The choice of the type of appointment format depends on personal preference, the emotional state of the dog, logistics and availability on the schedule. All appointments for feline patients are conducted virtually to minimize stress through reducing their time in an unfamiliar environment, with a separately scheduled brief in-clinic visual exam. As of February 2023, face masks are no longer required – we highly support wearing of face masks, although leave that up to personal preference when in our clinic building.

To schedule an appointment or get more information, please contact us by clicking HERE. There are many more details that our Client Care Coordinator, Pam, will be happy to provide as well as to help you schedule and prepare you for your appointment!