Since late March 2020 we have been holding virtual-only behavior consultation appointments via Zoom. These have proven to be logistically successful and very effective! Because of ongoing cases of COVID-19, and because of positive feedback, we intend to continue with this appointment style for the foreseeable future. We are committed to do our part to limit the spread of COVID-19!!

At VBSMN, we take a TEAM approach to patient care. Your pet’s team consists of you, (you know your pet the best), your pet’s doctor (a Diplomate of the American College of Veterinary Medicine) and your behavior therapy technician, who will help you implement your pet’s treatment plan.

Our first-time appointments are currently structured in three parts, all included in a single fee, and scheduled separately from each other, typically no longer than a week between them:

  • A brief (10-15 minute) in-person visit outside our clinic building to assess your pet’s overall health. This visit is required by the State of MN that allow us to diagnose and prescribe medication for your pet if indicated. We ask that you wear a face mask to these appointments.
  • A virtual Diagnostic, Assessment, and Planning appointment with your pet’s doctor and behavior therapy technician. These appointments last approximately 1-1.5 hours. An online meeting platform gives you the advantage of inviting us into your home without the expense of a regular house call or our physical presence in your home! We have the advantage of seeing your pet in their usual home surroundings, where they feel most calm and comfortable. During this appointment we will discuss the details of your concerns, and as necessary observe your pet and relevant parts of your home environment (eg, the front door, confinement areas, litter boxes, etc). This information allows us to establish a diagnosis and treatment plan which we will go over with you in detail. If medications are indicated, they will be prescribed at this appointment.
  • An initial 1 hour Behavior Therapy appointment with your behavior therapy technician who will get you started on the foundation skills needed as part of the treatment plan prescribed at the Diagnostic Assessment and Planning appointment. You will have the option to schedule additional sessions if needed. Our behavior therapy technicians are wonderfully creative. This should be fun for you and for your pet!

There are many more details that our Client Care Coordinator, Pam, will be happy to go over with you, help you schedule, and to prepare you for your appointment! Please contact us via this form: How Can We Help?, by calling 612-554-1182 , or email to