Comprehensive Behavior Consultation

A Step-By-Step Guide to Your Dog’s Treatment

Thank you for reaching out by completing our How Can We Help questionnaire. Below is our step-by-step guide to our appointment process.

If you have further questions or concerns, please email us at and our client care coordinator will be happy to help! Please note that we are currently booking 2-3 months in advance.

Initial Behavior Consultation Package Includes Steps 1-4;

Step 1 – Intake Information

Complete and return the following;

Once we have received all of the required forms, we will contact you for scheduling and send you an invoice to pay the appointment reservation fee.

Multiple Dog Appointments:

If you are having inter-dog aggression issues (i.e. one or more dogs in the home are attacking another dog in the home) we require that all dogs involved be seen as part of the initial consultation.   Please fill out a Canine Behavior History Questionnaire for each pet.

Step 2 – Intake Appointment with Behavior Therapist

You will meet with one of our Behavior Therapy team members for a Behavior Intake Appointment. In this 30-minute virtual session our team will discuss your challenges and ask additional questions. Updates of your pet(s) behavior will be discussed. The purpose of this appointment is to provide our team with additional information and a thorough picture of your goals and pets history.

Please be prepared to provide a video tour of your pet’s home. This may include the following locations; resting locations, eating/drinking locations, kennel/confinement area, access to the outside, elimination areas, and where some of the most problematic behaviors occur.