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Our mission is to support you to provide the absolute best care for your clients and patients possible. We are truly passionate about that. We understand that behavior cases are detailed, complicated, and time consuming. It can be difficult to fit the necessary logistics into a busy schedule. And we feel many veterinarians have been put at a disadvantage because the veterinary industry has not offered enough quality education and resources to its wonderful doctors. We are here to help you solve those challenges, because you deserve a real support system for your patients.

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How We Help

Slide Cat nose close up Direct Referrals We take your trust seriously. We offer both in-home and in-clinic appointments for your clients. Most behavioral problems can be addressed effectively in our behavior only clinic. We meticulously designed our clinic, scheduling, and traffic flow to minimize patient stress levels as much as possible. Patients do not see each other and rarely encounter people beyond our trained staff. We can also arrange home visits if a client is more comfortable with that. Your client may contact us via email at info@vetbehaviormn.com or via phone at (612) 554-1182 or (320) 292 6608. Once an appointment is scheduled, we will ask your client to contact you to send us a copy of the patient’s medical record prior to their appointment. Records may be emailed to us at info@vetbehaviormn.com or via fax at (612) 225-1875. A minimum database for patients includes a complete physical exam and lab work, typically a CBC, chemistry profile and thyroid evaluation. In most cases, we accept lab results performed by referring veterinarians.
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